June 21, 2016

FUSE “Our Lives Matter” Unprejudiced Conversations

MLK DAY Unprejudiced Conversation PT.3  13th

As part of this year’s MLK celebration, 1/16/17 FUSE hosted our third community conversation addressing the realities of our country. After more than 65 participants viewed the 13th, a documentary exploring the amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery,  Sarah Willie-LeBreton, Professor & Chair of Sociology & Anthropology at Swarthmore College,  led the group as we delved into the challenges from our history as well as the current state of racism today. Small groups discussed how each of our lives are impacted by what we learned. The session ended with a prayer for hope and wishes from each of the attendees to contribute to creating a world of collaboration and respect for all.

Over 20 young people attended the afternoon showing of Selma. A heartfelt discussion was held. Participants agreed, we must work together to keep the “Dream” alive.

While many people struggle to find ways to connect with folks from different   backgrounds, FUSE continues to establish forums for relationship building. Everyone is welcome to attend upcoming events.

Our Lives Matter: An UnPrejudiced Conversation Parts 1 and 2

Members from the suburban and urban neighborhoods came together on September 19 and October 13 to share stories about our lives to explore and how prejudice and racism effect all of our communities.  We had more than 65 people join us to engage in these personal connections.

Recognizing change doesn’t happen instantly, we remain confident that by building new relationships we are creating a better world built on respect, understanding and trust.



Together – we CAN make a difference!

Stay tuned for our next conversation.

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